Have you been screwed over by Reinhold Marsoner?

Have you been discriminated against at Fascinations? Have you felt unsafe at work?

You are not alone.

We represent concerned citizens who have been mistreated by this man. He is racist, cruel and extremely shady in his business practices. He has been peddling smut in Arizona for over 20 years. He has done nothing to protect his employees from sexual harassment and intimidation. In addition, he owes many businesses and individuals a lot of money. But hey don’t take our word for it, here is what some folks have had to say online:

Nothing but cons: abusive, toxic, lots of screaming, drop-of-the-hat dismissals/firings, absurd turnover rate, actual racist owner (Reinhold), lots of drinking, lots of micromanagement, lots of trust issues, cursing, lying,everything points to lots of moneylaundering, does not know how to treat staff, generally incapable, internal operational systems are an actual mess, leaders are the absolute worst, surprised it has stayed afloat.

I could list the cons of working for this company for hours. The amount of discrimination I experienced and witnessed from upper management was despicable. I was frequently asked to work off the clock. My store was understaffed and pled with the upper management to allow me to hire, but they refused. I was required to do an impossible amount of work in an impossible timeline. There were days that I would be working off the clock at night until morning to complete the suffocating amount of work I was required to do that would have been solved by hiring just one more person. This does not even touch on the disgusting amount of transphobic, homophobic and fatphobic comments and actions I witnessed on a daily basis. Do not work for this company if you have any respect for yourself or other people.

Moneylaundering Operations?

We looked into the acusations that employees have mentioned over the years, and it sure does look kind of weird to us.

Going all the way back to 1994, Reinhold Marsoner was in contempt of court for failure to sign a consent degree. Marsoner, an Austrian citizen residing in the United States, was the target of an investigation by a federal grand jury, which is investigating possible violations of United States laws stemming from claimed tax liabilities for the years 1989 through 1991.

Marsoner refused to sign, and the district court ordered Marsoner incarcerated until he signs the disclosure directive or until the term of the grand jury expires in October 1994.”

This entire issue appears to have been an attempt to avoid paying taxes in the United States, a country which has enriched Mr. Marsoner, who currently lives in a $4M home in Paradise Valley.

You can read more about it yourself, here. 

Why so many corporations?

According to public records, all of these busineses are owned & operated by Austrian Reinhold Marsoner:

IMAGO INC – Domestic For-Profit (Business) Corporation
3666 E SPEEDWAY BLVD LLC – Domestic Llc
MP FASCINATIONS LLC – Domestic Llc – filed on 11/11/2020…Fascinations has been around for 30 years, so who were they before?
MJ GIFTS 03 LLC – Domestic Llc
RHM Investments LLC
955 LIVERMORE LLC – Domestic Llc
APPLE DISTRIBUTING INC – Domestic For-Profit (Business) Corporation
4499 MARANA LLC – Domestic Llc
KISS SHOES LLC – Domestic Llc
T & R – 32ND STREET A BOUTIQUE INC – Domestic For-Profit (Business) Corporation
10640 SCOTTSDALE LLC – Domestic Llc
83RD AVE TOLLESON LLC – Domestic Llc
H BECK INVESTMENTS INC – Domestic For-Profit (Business) Corporation
7909 W CAMPO BELLO DR LLC – Domestic Llc
838 W ELLIOT TEMPE LLC – Domestic Llc
RB HOMES LLC – Domestic Llc
3020 N SCOTTSDALE LLC – Domestic Llc
W WARNER ROAD LLC – Domestic Llc

Most, if not all of these companies share a single address on Warner Road in Tempe. Many millionaires avoid taxes by operating their business through multiple “shell” corporations…but this tactic is also used in moneylaundering. According the the Grand Jury preceedings in 1994, Reinhold would rather go to prison than reveal how much money he had in the US and in Austria.

Horrible company. Corporate treats their employees like scum. Nobody had respect for each other.

There was no room for growth when they discriminate against sex, age, and ethnicity. The worst part about working there is that cooperate is run by grouchy old men. There is no room for expression or growth because they only care about sales. I was told many times I’d be “promoted soon”.

Corporate is a soul-sucking monolith that does not care what happens to their employees, only about money. It seems like they’re going out of business and I’m thrilled. The corporation has instructed my manager to lie to us about promotions in order to get us to do extra work. Slimy creeps. The customers are awesome tho!

I was working 40-50 hours a week as the ONLY sales associate my store had (I literally ran everything myself most of the time) and I was paid only minimum wage (without overtime). Discrimination within the company is prominent and nothing is done about it.

Fascinations is a DBA for Marsoner Inc. There are issues at every level of this company’s culture and business practices. Hardworking and highly educated employees are overworked, underpaid, and asked to function in an system that doesn’t listen to them. Upper management utilizes fear tactics, shaming, and generally toxic unclear communication to get results from store level employees. These practices seem to be steaming from the ownerto the corporate level and down. Unsafe and unethical HR practices are utilized when store employees are in need of assistance and counseling due to conflict with district managers or other store managers. Bullying, gas lighting, and verbal harassment of employees seems to be common. Salaried employees are required to work 50+ hours weekly without any compensation for extra hours – including working two or more weeks straight without a day off. This creates situations resulting in assistant store managers and above making only about $12 a hour or less. Very limited PTO with a schedule that doesn’t allow for sick days without major disruption of entire store schedule, inadequate training for new managers, outdated software and and hardware in stores, unclear messaging to customers about return policies, branding, and companies values, store managers not allowed to be away from their cell phones on their days off, District Managers overworked and given unclear directives that impact all stores and employees, unclear and confusing marketing and merchandising directives, etc.

REINHOLD HEINRICH MARSONER also had to make a plea deal for a weapons charge. As a Austrian living in America, why was he allowed to stay here? You can see the charges yourself, here. 

Also, it is common practice for Reinhold Heinrich Marsoner to behave just like millionaires Donald J. Trump: he says he will pay for services, but the check never comes. He just says “my lawyers are better than yours. I’ll see you in court.”

Our Goal is Simple

First, we want to find all the people who have been screwed over by this man. The employees who have been abused, screamed at and talked down to. Women who feel uncomfortable at work but felt like they not dare speak out. The employees that fear for their lives. Some wonder if this business is legititmate and paying taxes on all earnings. Employees have accused the company of letting them go before getting health insurance, or not being provided with the insurance they are legally afforded under the law. We have heard countless reports of overtly racist, sexist, homophobic and misogynistic behavior.. No one deserves to be harassed.

Second, we want justice for you. He has the money. He just thinks he’s above the law.

No one is above the law. No one. We welcome questions from the press.

Nothing on this website constitutes slander. Everything published here is publicly available or covered under freedom of speech. We are building a bullet-proof case. We are going to make this right.

Town Hall Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the recent TownHall meeting! Reminder, we are meeting next week to make our picket signs. We will also have signup sheets for various stores (thank you to the brave employee who brought the list!).

And, of course, Reinhold’s mansion. We are reaching out to the new CEO as well for commentary.

We are feeling pretty good about stopping this predator. So many helpful stories at the TownHall!

Please use the form below to receive the time and date of the next meeting. We will keep your information private.

Picket Sign Meeting Invite

Have you been getting calls from the press?

If you have been contacted recently by members of the press, please simply refer them to the PR team and ask them not to bother you. Some team members are getting calls in the stores…be careful, they are listening.

Reinhold, Yeezy Fan?

If you have heard any comments along these lines, please let us know. We aren’t terrible suprised to be honest.